ReelSteady Update. New Year New Build! January 3, 2016 21:01

New Year New Build!

What's New:

  • Many bug fixes and stability improvements


We highly recommend everyone upgrade to this latest version. We've fixed lots of bugs and improved stability overall.  Many types of shots that caused ReelSteady to fail previously should now stabilize properly.

Happy new year!

New Tutorials! December 10, 2015 16:13

Check out our updated intro tutorial as well as our brand new "Managing Artifacts" tutorial where we give you a quick lesson on handling some of the artifacts that may occur when using rolling shutter correction.


Issue with latest Adobe CC 2015 on OSX. December 1, 2015 23:23

Attention OSX users on CC 2015:  Hold off on upgrading to today's release from Adobe.  A new bug was introduced causing ReelSteady to have issues.  For best performance we always recommend using CC 2014.

ReelSteady update. Up to 5x faster performance! November 24, 2015 12:13

Up to 5X faster!

What's New:

  • Analysis Speed Setting. Get up to 5x faster performance!
  • Key rolling shutter correction rate after stabilization. Helps for removing artifacts
  • Improvements to all GoPro SuperView presets
  • Various bug fixes

ReelSteady update. CS6 support and more! November 5, 2015 14:10

Good news, a new version of ReelSteady is available!

Whats new:
  • Support for After Effects CS6
  • Improved GoPro 1080 Superview camera preset
  • Bugfix for GoPro Superview camera preset when using masks or effects
  • Fixed bug causing excessive delay when unable to stabilize is Live! August 18, 2015 14:49

That's right everone. is now live!  Big thanks to the team for all their hard work and dedication.

ReelSteady is now in Beta! August 3, 2015 18:48

We're happy to announce that ReelSteady has hit it's beta milestone.

Go team!