What is HyperSmooth Pro and what happened to ReelSteady? February 9, 2024 16:46

 What is HyperSmooth Pro and what happened to ReelSteady?
  • ReelSteady has been rebranded to HyperSmooth Pro
  • GoPro Player + ReelSteady is now known as GoPro Player + HyperSmooth Pro
How will users access HyperSmooth Pro and the advanced lens correction tool?
  • Advanced lens correction and HyperSmooth Pro is included with the Premium+ subscription
  • New users can take advantage of HyperSmooth Pro using their new Premium+ login in the GoPro Player + HyperSmooth Pro desktop application
What if I already have ReelSteady via the $99.99 in-app purchase on GoPro Player + ReelSteady? Can I still use GoPro Player + ReelSteady?
  • Existing ReelSteady users can still use the GoPro Player + HyperSmooth Pro desktop application to take advantage of HyperSmooth Pro

ReelSteady GO is now GoPro Player + ReelSteady! April 8, 2022 08:27



We’re very excited to announce that ReelSteady is now part of the GoPro Player desktop app, and is exclusively available through the Mac App Store and Microsoft Windows App Store!


If you’re already an owner of the previous ReelSteady GO product, you’re entitled to a FREE upgrade to the premium version of GoPro Player + ReelSteady!  

Click here for upgrade instructions


Here's what's new in Player + ReelSteady:

  • New and improved user interface. ReelSteady 2.0 is now 
fully integrated into the GoPro Player desktop app for 
unmatched usability and performance.

  • Support for additional GoPro shooting modes including 
videos shot with HyperSmooth.

  • Real time playback. View the full-quality stabilized motion 
as soon as your video loads.

  • Batch rendering. Export all your stabilized videos in one go.

  • Advanced encoding options. Fine control over 
professional export formats.

  • Saving of settings and preferences. Auto-apply your go-to stabilization settings to every video you open.

  • Adjustable lens correction. Choose exactly how much 
fisheye you want in your final output.

  • Fully optimized for Apple Silicon (M1, M1 Pro/Max/Ultra)

Instructions for ReelSteady GO owners to Redeem your free upgrade to GoPro Player + HyperSmooth Pro April 8, 2022 08:22


Step 1

Download GoPro Player + HyperSmooth Pro from the Mac App Store or Microsoft Windows App Store.


Step 2

Install and open GoPro Player. In the top Menu Bar, select HyperSmooth Pro and go down to Log in. This will open an activation window.

Step 3

Windows users:

Use your original ReelSteady GO email and activation key to redeem. (If you’ve lost your activation key contact GoPro Support for help.)

This will prompt you for your zero cost in-app purchase of ReelSteady. (Note this will be linked to your Microsoft Account– this can't be undone, so be sure to use your preferred account).

Mac users:

Use your original ReelSteady GO email and activation key to redeem (If you’ve lost your activation key contact GoPro Support for help.)

This will prompt you for your zero cost in app purchase of HyperSmooth Pro (Note this will be linked to your Apple Account– this can't be undone so be sure to use your preferred account).

Once activation is complete you’ll have access to all 
Player + HyperSmooth Pro premium features!


The Rumors are True October 26, 2021 21:49

The rumors are true, ReelSteady Go 2.0 is coming...

ReelSteady GO 1.0.23 is Now Available! September 29, 2021 10:26

What's new:

  • Fixed an error related to encoding that affected some users.
  • Minor bug fixes.

ReelSteady Go 1.0.22 is Now Available! September 17, 2021 18:57

What's new:

  • Rolling back the most recent changes to video export encoding.
    This is due to reports of performance issues on some users' machines.
    Improved encoding options will come in a future version.

ReelSteady GO 1.0.21 Now Available! September 16, 2021 05:30

A new version of ReelSteady Go is now available!

What's new:

  • HERO10 Black support
  • higher fidelity export settings
  • export codec matches input movie codec
  • misc bug fixes

ReelSteady GO 1.0.20 Now Available October 14, 2020 14:03

ReelSteady GO 1.0.20 released with bugfix for rendering some framerates.

ReelSteady GO 1.0.19 now available October 5, 2020 15:27

ReelSteady GO 1.0.19, now with improved parsing of corrupt movie file metadata.

ReelSteady GO 1.0.18 now available September 29, 2020 15:12

A new version of ReelSteadyGO is now available!

Whats new:

  • bugfix for Flip gyro data option
  • won't overwrite existing  _smoothed video during export
  • original video timecode is preserved in exported video
  • other fixes and enhancements

ReelSteady GO 1.0.17 released September 19, 2020 21:06

Whats New:

bugfix: "no metadata found" error message sometimes shown when movie contained metadata.

ReelSteady Go with Support for HERO9 Black! September 18, 2020 11:44

ReelSteady GO now supports Hero 9 Black!

ReelSteady Go 1.0.15 with GoPro Labs Support Available Now! June 10, 2020 21:30

New ReelSteady Go with support for GoPro Labs firmware!

ReelSteady Go 1.0.9 Available Now! April 9, 2020 17:13

A new version of ReelSteady Go is available, bugfix for Windows, more support for linear shooting modes on older cameras.

ReelSteady Go Hero8 Support is Now Available! January 29, 2020 14:41

Hero 8 now supported!

ReelSteady GO Version 1.0.7 Released! September 27, 2019 16:05

Happy friday!

A new version of ReelSteady GO is now available.


  • various bugfixes affecting stability
  • notarized Mac OS installers compatible with Mojave 10.14.6
  • new demo activation process

Please note: We've changed how the ReelSteady GO demo process works.  You will now need to "purchase" the free demo version of ReelSteady GO from our store.  The demo is still free to use and evaluate.  The only information required during checkout is a valid email address so we can send download links and your activation key. 

If you have previously downloaded the demo version of ReelSteadyGO, you will need to download it again. Your previous key is no longer valid.


ReelSteady GO 1.0.4 release July 2, 2019 20:34

Bugfix for international users

ReelSteady GO 1.0.3 now available! June 28, 2019 09:30

Version 1.0.3 of ReelSteady GO is now available! Bugfixes and Mac OS Mojave compatibility.

Updated ReelSteady GO Mac OS Installers June 1, 2019 14:00

New Mac OS installers for ReelSteady GO

ReelSteady GO version 1.0.2 released! May 14, 2019 15:25

Version 1.0.2 of ReelSteady GO is now available!

What's new:

  • Bugfixes for incorrect error reporting related to GPS.
  • Improved error handling when gpmf data is incomplete.

Build #91 Released! May 26, 2017 17:01

Build #91 released

A new version of ReelSteady is now available!

What's new:

  • Presets for the Panasonic GH5 camera added
  • Changed the default analysis speed to 2.5
  • Bug fixes

Keyframe-able Smoothness Feature! April 17, 2017 17:57

That's right!  It's now possible to set keyframes on the smoothness value.  This is useful for shots that need different levels of smoothness at different times (for example, a long tracking shot that has a short whip-pan).  Check out the tutorial below for more info.


New version! March 7, 2017 16:10

A new version of ReelSteady is hot off the assembly line! 

This new version (build 89) adds functionality for pausing the stabilization.
This can be used to review ReelSteady's progress without having to wait for the entire clip to be stabilized.

This feature also helps users who have experienced a bug where the stabilization gets "stuck".  We are working to squash this bug, but we wanted to give users this workaround option in the meantime.

Updated Tutorials! May 3, 2016 19:57

We've just updated our "Introduction" and "Camera Calibration" tutorials with some great info on how to use the new features added to version 1.0.  Check them out below!