ReelSteady Update: Support for CC 2015 on OSX February 6, 2016 18:36

Mac OSX Support for CC 2015!

What's New:

  • Support for CC 2015 on OSX. Please use CC 2015 version or newer
  • Fixed issues that happened with certain framerates (23.976, 47.951)
  • Fixes to improve stabilty and report when ReelSteady has failed. ReelSteady will pause its work so you can resume. Helpful if stabilizing a very long clip and things go bad.


We highly recommend everyone upgrade to this latest version.  The CC 2015 support is just for OSX at this time.  Support for CC 2015 on Windows is in progress. (working on it)  

Thanks everyone for your ongoing support!  More good stuff coming soon...