ReelSteady GO

Known Issues



  • If your GoPro preferences are set to automatically flip the screen to be right-side-up when your camera is up-side-down this will cause problems with stabilization.  Please use the "flip gyro" option in ReelSteady GO's advanced settings when you encounter this issue, or disable automatic flipping in your GoPro's preferences.

  • Shooting with "auto low light" enabled on your GoPro may cause stuttering frame issues.  Please disable "auto low light" on your GoPro.

  • Having in-camera stabilization or "hypersmooth" enabled in your GoPro settings will make it so your footage can't be stabilized.  Please disable all stabilization features of your GoPro.

  • Having GPS features enabled in your GoPro's preferences can cause issue's with recording the gyro data necessary for stabilization.  Please disable GPS functionality in your GoPro's preferences.

  • High frequency vibrations from drones or other motor vehicles may corrupt the gyro data that is recorded to the GoPro file.  If using Hero 5 or Hero 7 cameras for these applications, please use quality vibration dampeners when mounting your cameras.  This is not an issue with Hero 6 cameras.

  • If there are non-standard characters in your filenames or folder names like Cyrillic or other non-ascii characters, it may case problems with ReelSteady GO recognizing that it is a supported file format.