Drone Vibration Problems and Solutions



If flying with a Hero 5 or Hero 7 you will NEED to use very soft vibration dampeners to stop any high-frequency vibrations from reaching your camera.  Hero 8 and Hero 6 don't have this issue and should work fine with any mount.  The video below shows the problem in action.

The good news is there are already some great fixes for this! 

The quickest and most effective solution is to simply use zip ties as dampeners. See the video below for instructions and an example flight.

Brain3d has a number of "ReelSteady Ready" mounts available for purchase here


This user has designed a clever 3d printed mount for the Session. Click here to download or order a print.

This mount from Nicecrash works really well with Hero 5 and Hero 7 as well.  Click here to download or order a print. 

Happy Flying!