Drone Vibration Issues and Solutions



If flying with a Hero 5 or Hero 7 you will NEED to use very soft vibration dampeners to stop any high-frequency vibrations from reaching your camera.  Hero 6 doesn't have this issue and should work fine with any mount.  The video below shows this issue in action.

The good news is there are some great fixes for this! 

1.  This modified version of Andy Shen's 3d printed "Squirt" camera mount works really well with Hero 5 and Hero 7.  Click here to download or order a print. 

2. Another great solution is to use dampeners from a DJI phantom 3 . Click here to order from Amazon.

3. The quickest and easiest solution we've found so far is to simply use zip ties as dampeners. See the video below for instructions and an example flight.

Happy Flying!